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The paradox of success

This week, we talk about a concept from a book Rick is reading.

Is building an audience worth it?

This week, we talk about whether or not building a personal audience is a good way to attract customers.

The future of no-code

This week, we talk about what the world of no-code looks like now that Webflow has raised a massive round of funding.

What it's like to get DDoSed

This week, we talk about a startup nightmare: What do you do when your website gets attacked?

End of 2020 mega-episode

This week, we talk look back at 2020, look ahead to 2021, and make some predictions.

Should your startup donate to charity?

This week, we talk whether startups should donate a portion of their profits to charity.

Product Market Fit

This week, we answer a listener question about product market fit.

Celebrating wins in the early days

This week, we talk about building a culture of celebrating wins when you're first getting started.

Info products moving to a subscription model

This week, we talk about the pros and cons of the recent trend of info products moving to a subscription model.

Planning a marketing sprint

Rick is facing a unique situation. He has about two weeks to put together a marketing campaign before the window of opportunity closes. In this episode, we workshop his marketing plan. Let's go.

Traction vs distraction

This week, we talk about how to stay focused when starting and running a business.

Setting goals when you're just getting started

This week, we talk about how to set goals when your business is too young to be able to make accurate predictions about growth.

How big to go when moving upmarket

This week, we talk about the right size of customer to target when trying to increase ACV (annual contract value)

Startup community fatigue

This week, we talk about being burnt out on all the startup communities out there and a bunch of other stuff.

Offering night and weekend support without burning out your team

This week, we talk about how you can hire talented support people to work nights and weekends without hating their jobs.

The perils of being dependent on a platform

This week we discuss the upsides and downsides of building on a platform you don't control.

Building a moat

This week, we talk about how Less Annoying CRM uses customer service as a moat, and several other topics.

Should multiple products share a single brand

This week, we discuss whether Rick should launch his b2b product under the same brand as his b2c product


Rick is on a roll with LegUp Health, and he's burning the candle at both ends.

Handling capacity at a seasonal business

This week, we talk about how Rick is preparing for his busy season which starts in November

Pricing annual plans when users are added mid-year

This week we dive into how Rick could price his b2b service.

Learning no-code

This week, we talk all about no-code: What it is, what it can be used for, and how to learn it.

Networking without being annoying

This week, we discuss networking (both online and in person) and how to use it in a non-annoying way to make sales. Spoiler alert: Maybe it's not possible.

What if you get hit by a bus?

This week, we discuss when a startup should start putting together plans for losing a founder and much more.

How college students can prepare for entrepreneurship

This week, we answer a listener question about what college students can do to get ready for startup life.

The Sims, but way more boring

This week, we spend most of the hour giving updates on things we've been working on, including LACRM's decision to use Sococo.

Product positioning

This week, we discuss the book "Obviously Awesome" which provides a framework for how startups can figure out their positioning.

Asking for too much info during signup

Rick has heard feedback from his early customers that they're apprehensive about the amount of info he's asking from them during the signup process.

Building trust when you're an unproven business

This week, we talk about how Rick can convince his customers that he's trustworthy even though his business is so new that he doesn't have a proven track record yet.

Winning awards

This week is all about the updates. Less Annoying CRM won a big award, and as always, there's plenty of intern talk.

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