Looking back at 2022 and forward to 2023

This is our yearly recap episode!
Personal updates from 2022
  • Tyler
    • Goals from last year
      • ✅ Plan for travel as part of relationship 
      • ❌ Build more schedule flexibility 
    • Other updates
      • Figured out personal finance plan with Shelly
  • Rick
    • Goals from last year
      • ✅ Reprioritize daily personal health habits 
      • ❓Spend more quality time with Sable (have a date most weeks) and Oliver (take on errands) 
      • ❌Writing goals
Professional updates from 2022
  • Tyler
    • Goals from last year
      • ❓ Spend more time working, but on my own terms 
      • ❓ Make space to do more individual contributor design work 
      • ❌ Release redesign of LACRM
      • ❓ Two blog post-worthy updates per quarter
      • ✅ Shift product priorities to be more focused on growth/strategy and less on low-impact customer requests.
      • ✅ Run the coding fellowship
    • Other updates
      • More of a CEO, less of a manager
      • Growth was bad, but not as bad as expected
      • Product team got more focused
  • Rick
    • Goals from last year
      • ✅ Structure a partnership and financial plan that enables JD to go full-time
      • ❌ Grow the business to 400 clients 
      • ❓Fully automate the new user onboarding experience
      • ✅ Help scale Windfall the right way  
2023 personal themes/goals
  • Tyler
    •  Take more vacation and make up for it with extra work days
    •  Start working towards my rich life: Renovate the house
  • Rick
    • Get weight below 200lbs 
    • Write a newsletter most Sundays (at least 27 Newsletters)
2023 professional themes/goals
  • Tyler
    • Reap the rewards we sowed in 2022 (marketing projects and product team productivity)
    • Get back to decent growth: +$36k ARR per month
    • More of a sense of urgency on the dev team
    • Three major product wins
      • Redesign
      • Finish all "first round" growth projects (Zapier, API platform, event invites)
      • Close the gap between us as other CRMs (email logging and/or kanban view)
    • If there's a recession, minimize impact on customers and employees
  • Rick
    • Retain JD for another year
    • Double the client base again (~200 clients)
    • Build v1 of LegUp Benefits and get to $1k MRR
Biggest worry
  • Tyler: Product relevance - Have we lost ground in the CRM market
  • Rick: Personal and family health
What do we want to learn?
  • Tyler
    • How to communicate how decisions are made better
    • How to simplify policies so they are easier to understand
  • Rick
    • How to build a SaaS via contractors and self-taught coding (i.e. without giving up equity)
    • Further expertise in digital advertising and data
    • Best practices for effective leadership (in the home, neighborhood, and workplace)
  • Tyler
    • Generative AI will advance, but not break through in 2023 (it will still seem more like the future than the present at the end of the year)
    • Binance and/or Tether will collapse, and Bitcoin will end the year down
    • The recession will get worse
      • S&P500 will be down over the first half of the year
      • There will be more tech layoffs in 2023 than there were in 2022
  • Rick
    •  Big swing back to co-location as a working requirement 
    •  AI gets embedded into workflows for millennials 

Looking back at 2022 and forward to 2023
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