Recapping the Product Hunt launch

In this episode, we talk about Less Annoying CRM’s producthunt launch, and a lot more.

Here's the full topic list:
  • Tyler takes a look back at LACRM's growth history, and explains their new approach to growth.
  • Tyler explains how the recent Product Hunt launch went.
  • Rick has cleared a lot off his LegUp Health plate and is starting to focus on new types of work.
  • LegUp Health had its first partner meeting.
  • April was a record month for LegUp Health.
  • LACRM has their designer back with more hours than ever.
  • Rick is looking to target CPAs as customers.
  • The LACRM coding fellows have started.
  • We discuss how to deal with the low points of being an entrepreneur.
Recapping the Product Hunt launch
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