You can't optimize nothing

In this episode, we talk about how much optimization should be done before you have demand generation figured out.

Here's the full topic list:
  • Rick is back from parental leave, and he has things to say about what it's like to take care of two kids at once.
  • We discuss what our perfect days look like.
  • Tyler talks about how LACRM had a bit of crunch mode, and how they stayed calm.
  • Rick talks about a sales slump, and what he's doing about it.
  • We talk about how LegUp Health migrated from no-code to full-code.
  • Tyler gives an update on LACRM's growth the first half of the year.
  • We talk about switching from Google Analytics to Fathom.
  • LACRM is considering how to price a feature that has some extra infrastructure costs.
  • Tyler is reconsidering a feature he's been talking about for years. Literally. Years.
You can't optimize nothing
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