What's priority #1?

In this episode, we talk about how easy it is to work on multiple things at once because it lets you avoid making tough prioritization decisions, and what we’re doing to avoid that trap.
Topics this week:
  • Tyler is getting ready for Founder Summit
  • Rick is learning about digital advertising, and we discuss whether tracking people on the internet is a net good or bad thing
  • Tyler gives an update on his NPS saga
  • Tyler talks about a joint webinar he did with ZipMessage
  • Rick describes his chamber of commerce webinar strategy
  • Windfall is opening a Utah office
  • Rick is getting ready to do outreach, but needs to reduce friction first
  • Tyler is making some changes to how he approaches project management and prioritization
  • We discuss a possible niche audience
  • Rick explains how a major hole in the health insurance laws has been fixed
  • Tyler started listening to the ShipSaaSFaster podcast
What's priority #1?
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