Looking back at 2023 and forward to 2024

This is our yearly recap episode!

Personal updates from 2023
  • Tyler
    • Goals from last year
      • ๐Ÿ†— Take more vacation and make up with with extra work off-hours work
      • ๐Ÿ†— Renovate the house
    • Other updates
      • Found a band I like: Caligula's Horse
      • First time as an adult I feel good about my exercise routine
  • Rick
    • Goals from last year
      • โŒ Get weight below 200lbs
      • โŒ Write a newsletter most Sundays (27 total)
    • Other updates
      • Built a new house and moved in
      • Had another baby (daughter)
Personal goals for 2024
  • Tyler
    • Maintain exercise routine: 9k steps/day + 2 rucks/week + 200 pushups/week
    • Finish house remodel
  • Rick
    • Rebuild daily exercise and writing habit
    • Be more present with family when Iโ€™m with them
    • Regular dates with Sable (2 per month minimum)
    • 4 vacations, with at least the next one scheduled at all times to look forward to
Professional updates from 2023
  • Themes of the podcast
    • You can't optimize nothing (mostly applies to Rick)
    • Back to the basics (mostly applies to Tyler)
  • Tyler
    • Goals from last year
      • โŒ Get back to decent growth: $36k ARR/ $3k MRR per month
      • โœ… Sense of urgency on the dev team. No more 2-week projects that end up taking six months.
      • ๐Ÿ†— End the year with three major product wins
    • Other updates
      •  Announced the price increase for legacy customers 
      •  ~3 new devs sort of. Dev team is feeling way better than ever before.
      •  Improved money management 
      • Coded a lot
      • Joined LegUp Health as a side project
  • Rick
    • Goals from last year
      • โœ… Retain JD full-time for another year
      • ๐Ÿ†— Double the client base again (~200 clients) - 160 clients
      • โŒ Build V1 of LegUp Benefits and generate $1K per month in MRR from it (3-4 customers)
    • Other updates
      • Tyler joined LegUp Health as a partner
      •  Expanded services to group health insurance, and started figuring that out
      •  Made it to $100K annual revenue run rate + profitability in December
Professional goals for 2024
  • Tyler
    • Don't worry about growth unless something unexpected happens
    • Focus on customer delight: If you ask a typical customer whether LACRM improved in 2024, their answer should be "hell yeah"
    • Maintain stability related to the team, culture, etc.
    • Protect coding time. Should be averaging >1 full day of coding per week
  • Rick
    • Get LegUp Health to $200K ARR
    • Apply Profit First Framework / Pay partner distributions, even if small
    • Get JD to his target compensation
    • Prioritize better at Windfall / leverage over optimization
Biggest worry
  • Tyler: Our execution on the product side won't be enough to close the gap with competitors
  • Rick:  I wonโ€™t figure out how to prioritize and manage my personal health as I build a family 
What we want to learn
  • Tyler: How to code like it's 2024. Should be able to do everything the other LACRM devs can do with no blind spots
  • Rick: Nothing specific. 2024 is about execution

Looking back at 2023 and forward to 2024
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