An opportunity that comes along once per year

Most bootstrapped businesses are all about slow, steady, consistent growth. Rick’s business is different because he gets almost all his customers during one period each year, called open enrollment. In this episode, we talk about what he’s doing to prepare for this huge opportunity.
Topics from this episode:
  • Rick gives a big update on how LegUp Health is prepping for open enrollment
    • His goal is to be long-term patient, but have short-term urgency
    • He doesn't have enough traffic for retargeting
    • Outreach will be their main lever
    • This weekend is his chance to get everything ready for November 1st
  • Tyler talks about his time at Founder Summit
  • LACRM is thinking about brand marketing instead of just performance marketing
  • Tyler recounts a churn cohort analysis they did at LACRM
  • Rick shares some advice he got from a friend
  • Tyler gives an update on LACRM's integration partners
  • We discuss "Courses as marketing"
  • We talk about the value of sharing what you're working on with other people
An opportunity that comes along once per year
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