The one where we negotiate Tyler’s compensation

If you’ve been following along, you know that Tyler is about to temporarily join Rick’s startup to help build their new app. In this episode, we talk about the compensation proposal Rick just came up with. 

Full topic list:
  • Rick already has a new group insurance client after deciding to give that a shot in the last episode.
  • JD is visiting Rick in Utah next weekend.
  • Tyler is having success with delegation, and finds himself with a lot of unstructured time on his hands...
  • ...and Tyler is having to re-learn what to do with unstructured time.
  • LegUp Health got hit with a bunch of spam contact forms.
  • Tyler is planning the new office layout for LACRM.
  • Apparently design debt is a thing.
  • Tyler is having trouble getting started on the LegUp Benefits project. Side projects are hard.
  • Rick brings up Youtube Premium, Quora, and NotionAI
  • Big topic: We discuss the compensation proposal that Rick just sent Tyler.
The one where we negotiate Tyler’s compensation
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