Handling sales tax as a SaaS

In this episode, we talk about what Less Annoying CRM is doing to handle sales tax compliance worldwide.

Here are all the topics:
  • Tyler has officially signed the partnership agreement with Rick and LegUp Health!
  • Rick is wrapping up a position/brand/story project
  • LegUp Health has updated their mission and core values
  • Things are a bit hectic at LACRM
  • Tyler is considering merging his personal blog back into the LACRM blog
  • LACRM is probably switching from Stripe to Paddle
  • Rick shares what he's learned servicing the early LegUp Health group insurance clients
  • We talk a bit about ChatGPT and how it can be useful for no-code/low-code apps
  • Tyler rants about how we talk about priorities
Handling sales tax as a SaaS
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