Execution eats strategy for breakfast

 In this episode, we talk about how both of us are refocusing on execution. Here's the full topic list:
  • Tyler is trying to focus everyone at LACRM on the top priorities including:
    • Having the devOps team do a bit more normal software engineering work.
    • Offering customer service people a chance to work on marketing and sales.
    • He himself is starting to code again.
  • Rick explains how LegUp Health is focused on execution and it seems to be working.
  • Rick/JD hired a sales coach.
  • Rick talks about what he learned from the book Amp It Up.
  • Tyler poorly explains why LACRM is going to work on a feature that isn't the top priority.
  • We talk a bit about how to optimize a support team
  • Rick is starting to think about how he can contribute to marketing.
Execution eats strategy for breakfast
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