Funding your startup with a day job

This week, we talk about balancing a full-time job with running a startup, and a bunch of other stuff.
Topics this week:
  • Rick is close to finalizing a partnership agreement with his first team member.
  • Tyler is excited that LACRM has been shipping a lot of product improvements lately.
  • Tyler has a new productivity hack he's trying.
  • LegUp Health is doing some cold outreach and so far it's working.
  • LegUp Health joined a new business association.
  • Tyler is nervous about some marketing trends even though they haven't become a problem yet.
  • NFTs. What are they? Why aren't we able to understand them? Why do we keep talking about them despite not understanding them? Because we're podcasters so we're obviously very comfortable acting like experts on topics we know nothing about.
  • We respond to a listener question about how Rick balances his full-time job with running LegUp Health.
Funding your startup with a day job
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