Tools don't solve problems

This episode, we've got a grab bag of different topics including a product-led growth discussion, what to do with a stagnent content site, and the role tools should play in running a business.
Topics this week:
  • Tyler has been extremely busy with meetings, interviews, etc.
  • LACRM hired two new CRM Coaches.
  • Rick took some time off to ski with his family, watched a Duke basketball game, and celebrated his son's 1st birthday.
  • LegUp Health has mixed results sending cookies to try to delight customers.
  • Tyler gives some updates on product-led growth brainstorming from last episode.
  • LegUp Health added some new tools to their workflow to start making things more efficient.
  • Rick warns us about the dangers of thinking that tools solve problems.
  • Tyler is in discussions with DemandMaven.
  • Tyler isn't sure what the future of his blog/newsletter should be.
  • We talk about how to be real without being rude.
Tools don't solve problems
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