The great re-org

In this episode, we talk about how we’re thinking about reallocating marketing and sales resources here at Less Annoying CRM.
  • LACRM had a great growth month in August, mostly because of expansion revenue.
  • JD, Rick's business partner, is doing a great job.
  • Rick is oscillating between investing in more resources and staying focused.
  • Rick gives an update on his recent local marketing blitz.
  • Tyler is rethinking the customer onboarding flow.
  • LACRM is shifting around their marketing priorities.
  • Rick shares some wisdom from Jason Lempkin.
  • Rick is learning how it's hard to not have authority.
  • Tyler talks about hollow abstraction by mostly just parroting what's said in this video.
  • We talk about "Zucking" (please don't look it up on Urban Dictionary, we're not talking about that kind of Zucking).
The great re-org
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