Should you hire a marketing agency?

In this episode, we talk about whether or not it makes sense for an early stage bootstrapped company to hire a marketing agency for help.
Topics in this episode:
  • Less Annoying CRM hit $3.5 million ARR.
  • Rick and LegUp Health have signed up for several in-person networking events as well as a number of chambers of commerce.
  • LACRM had a new CRM Coach start.
  • Tyler reflects on why his updates haven't been interesting recently, and what that might mean about how he'd feel running a bigger company.
  • Rick got a new client who followed the ideal customer journey. Feels good.
  • Rick is considering working with an SEO contractor.
  • We discuss how to pick a digital marketing agency, and whether it even makes sense to do so.
Should you hire a marketing agency?
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