Is SaaS getting harder?

Sometimes it feels like the tech industry is more of a zero-sum game than it used to be. We discuss that, and a lot more in this episode.
Topics this episode:
  • Summer is ending at LACRM and things are going back to normal.
  • Rick attended a company offsite last week, and now he's behind.
  • LegUp Health is planning a local marketing blitz.
  • Tyler gives an update on pay transparency at LACRM.
  • Tyler has been doing some cold outreach to try to find API partners.
  • There's a new VP at Lucid.
  • Tyler talks about how this episode of Default Alive has an interesting take on no-code.
  • Tyler and Rick talk about how it seems like it's getting harder to build a SaaS business, largely inspired by this episode of Out of Beta.
Is SaaS getting harder?
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