Welcome to Startup to Last, a podcast about building profitable software businesses that are meant to last.

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Giving early hires skin in the game

This week, we talk about how Rick can structure a compensation plan with his first hire to make them feel like a true partner. Most startups give equity, but that isn’...

Rebirth / Welcoming 2022

The rumors were true. Startup to Last is back, and we're starting out with a recap of 2021 and a look forward to 2022.

The final episode

We've got some bittersweet news. Rick has accepted a new job which isn't really a fit for the topics we discuss on this podcast. Because of that, we've decided that th...

Sustainability starts with planning

This week, many of our topics have a common theme: How do you put a plan together to run a sustainable company? I mean, this podcast is called "Startup to last" so I g...

What to cut and what to keep

This week, we talk about simplifying a business. How do you know what complexity is important to the business, and what can get cut?

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