When platform risk goes wrong

One of Rick's API vendors shut down his account without warning, which throws a wrench in his productized service. This week, we discuss how he should respond.

Topics in this episode:
  • Tyler was interviewed to be on Mixergy, but didn't think he did a great job.
  • Rick is adjusting his routine now that he has a kid to take care of.
  • Rick enrolled in a new javascript course to hone his skills.
  • Tyler's previous positive results converting website visitors to his newsletter have turned to failure. No one is signing up.
  • Tyler attended Less Annoying CRM's first leadership team meeting.
  • Tyler had his first person finish building a website based on his online course.
  • Tyler (geez, enough with updates from Tyler, right?) is thinking through putting a limitation on LACRM.
  • Tyler (seriously, stop) took a day to help his dad with a new project.
  • Rick had a big coding win and finished two projects...
  • ...just in time for one of his API vendors to close down his account, so the projects don't really work anymore. We discuss how Rick should respond.

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