The importance of internal communication

This week, we give a bunch of updates on what we're working on, and end with a long, rambly, inconclusive discussion about the recent Basecamp drama.

Topics this week:
  • An effective, but maybe sleazy tactic for cold emails.
  • LegUp Benefits got its second paying customer.
  • Rick is done with SEO for now, and wrote 35 new pieces of content in April (holy shit!)
  • Rick is focusing on LegUp Benefits for the next six weeks.
  • Less Annoying CRM has finally closed a big enterprise deal they've been working on.
  • Tyler is about to start trying to hire a developer.
  • Less Annoying CRM's office setup is changing, and we discuss the importance of communicating changes carefully.
  • We discuss how to write content when you hit a wall.
  • Rick is dealing with unavoidable churn.
  • We talk for way too long about Basecamp's recent drama. We reach no conclusions. You can have a full refund for the amount you paid for this podcast if you're disappointed by that.
The importance of internal communication
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