Sharing profit with employees

This week we get a bit philosophical. If a business has extra profits, how can they be fairly shared with employees and other stakeholders?
Topics this week:
  • Rick took some time off, but is wondering if he earned it.
  • Tyler wrote five blog posts in one day, and wonders if this should be the new approach to blogging.
  • Rick decided to wait for Memberstack updates before taking on a coding project he was planning.
  • Rick is using Outseta for his next technical project to diversify away from Memberstack. He plans to have the done in the next week.
  • Rick is still waiting to decide how to handle the API vendor that closed down his account.
  • Tyler is diving into design and is interested in improving his skills.
  • Tyler has found a couple promising use cases for his new iPad which he mostly hates.
  • The big topic for this week: What are ways a company can fairly share profits with employees? Specifically, is it better to pay current employees more, or hire more people to spread the wealth around.
Sharing profit with employees
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