It's all about the updates

In this episode, we discuss PPP, taxes, winding down an old company, what types of optimizations are good for the customer, and more.

We tried out a new format in this episode. Instead of picking a deep dive topic and spending most of the time on that, we both had a lot of updates to give, so we spent the entire episode on that. Here are some of the topics we covered:
  • Rick finished a project for a consulting client that probably won't get used. He talked about how deflating that feels, and how managers should be careful when doing this to employees.
  • Less Annoying CRM just received money through the PPP and we discuss what should be done with the extra cash that frees up.
  • Rick is dissolving one of his businesses as of July.
  • Tyler reached a better understanding of when optimizations are good (i.e. everyone benefits) vs. when they're bad (i.e. the company makes money but the customer experience becomes worse)
  • Rick's business taxes are done and we discussed the value of having an accountant who understands your unique needs.
  • Tyler is thinking about moving Less Annoying CRM's marketing site to Webflow. We discussed the merits of building web sites in-house vs. using a third-party platform.
  • Rick is looking into analytics tools to help understand user behavior.
  • College students have been reaching out to Rick asking about internships for Startup to Last.

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