Hardcore week building a content site

This week, we talk about the strategy around Tyler's new content site

Topics we covered today:
  • Rick finished his goal for February of automating the monthly emails at Legup Health.
  • Tyler gives an update on his new small business advice website. How do you like that link building I just did?
  • Tyler remembers how fast a project can move when you don't have legacy code slowing you down.
  • We discuss a variety of tools used to build a content site, especially Webflow and ConvertKit.
  • Tyler used Fiverr for the first time to hire a designer.
  • We discuss multitasking for motivation.
  • We both prefer creating content from our own personal voice rather than on behalf of the company.
  • We brainstorm what's next for Less Annoying Business/
Hardcore week building a content site
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