Empowering employees to be leaders

This week, we talk about some new announcements Tyler just made at Less Annoying CRM, including a new leadership team.

Topics this week:
  • Tyler gave an internal presentation at Less Annoying CRM and announced a few new things...
  • The office is being reopened in May.
  • There will be a new remote work policy in place.
  • A deep dive into how DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) fits into Less Annoying CRM's structure.
  • A new leadership team.
  • Rick is working on content and had a big SEO win.
  • We discuss Roam Research as a possible note-taking tool for Rick.
  • Rick recommends Readwise.io for converting Kindle notes into text.
  • We discuss schema markup as an SEO strategy.
  • Rick has made some improvements to ricklindquist.com.
  • Tyler might have more free time soon and needs to figure out what to work on.
Empowering employees to be leaders
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