Content marketing: Putting all our eggs in one basket

This week, we talk about an idea we have at Less Annoying CRM to do content marketing all focused around one really good piece of content rather than our normal strategy of putting out lots of little stuff.

Topics covered this week:
  • We selfishly discuss larger themes we've covered on the podcast which might make for good topics on the Indie Hackers podcast.
  • Tyler's newsletter signups have increased since changing the call-to-action.
  • Rick lost another LegUp Health client due to unavoidable churn.
  • Tyler has a content idea centered around CRM pricing.
  • Tyler wants to do engineering as marketing but doesn't have any good ideas.
  • Rick is almost done learning javascript.
  • Rick has his first coding projects lined up.
  • We discuss the new Stripe payment links.
  • We revisit last week's topic because a listener called in with a new thought on the topic.

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