Building a moat

This week, we talk about how Less Annoying CRM uses customer service as a moat, and several other topics.

Here's what we discussed this week:
  • Tyler gives an update on the 1:1 meetings he's had with his whole team over the last week.
  • Rick launched a digital health tool marketplace
  • Rick is wrapping up his projects from earlier in the year and is ready to focus on a few important things going forward.
  • Less Annoying CRM is close to close two new accounts, each of which are significantly larger than any customer they've had before.
  • Rick complains about his CRM adding data automatically.
  • We give a shoutout to Rick's wife who helped launch Lucidspark.
  • We give a shoutout to Dru Riley and
  • We give a shoutout (how many shoutouts are there?) to Courtland Allen who's starting a podcast network which we're joining.
  • Tyler complains about restaurants that aren't trying to compete.
  • Rick likes some extremely stupid shoes that Cole Haan made in partnership with Slack.

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