Asking for too much info during signup

Rick has heard feedback from his early customers that they're apprehensive about the amount of info he's asking from them during the signup process.
Note from Tyler: I'm sorry that my dog is whining in the background throughout this episode. I'll banish him from my room in future episodes. He's such a wimp.

Here are some of the topics from this episode:
  • Tyler's price increase went into effect, but it's too early to draw any conclusions.
  • Rick has gotten great feedback from sharing his slide deck.
  • Tyler has been tweaking how his team communicates remotely.
  • Rick has heard from his early customers that he's asking them for too much info, but it's necessary for him to provide them with service.
  • Tyler has reached a decision on what his mid-term product strategy will be.
  • Rick is reconsidering his ambitions to run a Slack community.
Asking for too much info during signup
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